More Creativity! More Collage! Spring is here already!?

Hello Again!

As we speed toward Spring I am a bit in awe at how quickly the first months of the year has sped past. I realize I have not posted blogs on my more recent work, but will be putting them in the gallery soon. Our January workshop was so enlivening with an intimate group energy that filled me up in anticipation of 2017! Here is my completed collage from that workshop called Sight.


Many things have kept me on my toes these past few months including a minor surgery that went well, but still required more recovery time than I wanted to give it, and losing my beloved grandmother who I will continue to grieve forever. It has been a difficult time where family becomes front and center once more and each moment seems more precious than it did before.

In addition to my personal health and my family of origin needs, I started teaching a new class here in Ukiah at our local Junior College this semester and the workload for designing and executing a new class is tremendous. I know this but it always seems to catch me off guard regardless. I am teaching interpersonal communications and it has been a blast working with a group of stellar students exploring how important communication is to our connections and overall well-being and success in life.

The other big shift is my daughter’s new obsession with wrestling. It has been a whirlwind of Junior High school wrestling tournaments where she has become quite the warrior. As a parent of a 17 year old son who found his passion in theater, I never considered I would be navigating a sport like wrestling, but here we are! My daughter has always been quite the athlete but chose gymnastics and circus arts early on – I never anticipated her desire to learn grappling but again, here we are. Parenting is a forever unknown and often surprising path!  It has been a whirlwind of hard knocks and this mama has been on an emotional roller coaster watching her baby girl get tossed around, battered and bruised! Ouch on so many levels! Here she is with one of her many first place medals from the season! I am super proud of her and grateful for all the time(and growth) we have had together navigating this new adventure!img_8253.jpgBut Alas, the semester has found its rhythm and is now coming into its finale with student projects(which I love!) and I am recovered from my adrenal stress of wrestling spectator ship and really need to dive back into the art studio with other beautiful souls! Who is with me?!

Saturday April 22nd, lets spend Earth day exploring our inner psyche through liminal collage! This process is one that tickles the senses and allows both playfulness and deep inquiry. It is not necessarily about creating great art, although I believe great art is usually the result – one way or another. I guess my definition of art always, always involves the process so how one sees great is quite subjective.

Anyhow, see below flyer for more information and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Then, let me know if you are called to come be with your deepest self in a sacred container on earth day creating great art!

Love and Blessings,


Flyer April 22, 2017

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