Owl Girl Art is a Liminal space in between worlds where creativity and conversation with soul takes place. It is a place and not a place. It is symbolic of our ever illusive but absolutely essential desire to create. Owl Girl Art is a precarious label that speaks of this “place” in me. I know, you might be thinking, “what the hell is she talking about?” I often think that myself, but here is MY truth. I am a medial artist and transformative art teacher who believes the very act of creating changes the world in often inconceivable, unquantifiable ways. When we let our minds quiet and our hands create from the place of uninhibited imagination, our Soul can step into consciousness in new and often profound ways which not only connects us to our inner knowing, but to the vast collective of which we are an essential part. Creativity is medicine for our wounded world.

Dena Watson-Krasts (that’s me!) has been working as a top floral events designer for over 25 years. Recently she decided to step out of the chaotic events world in order to channel her creative force into the deeper, less explored world of the Soul. In addition to her design background, she has taught a variety of fitness classes over the years that have helped her to develop an embodied somatic approach to Pilates and movement. Therefore, she is also an explorer of visceral knowing and employs these embodied practices to create unique, expressive and healing experiences with and for her clients.

Dena carries a Masters of Arts in Depth Psychology and Bachelors of Arts in both Studio Art and Art History/Visual Culture. Her calling lies in creating unique healing experiences through the creative process and/or somatic awareness in service of the Great Mystery.

Please stay tuned and check back often for updates as this site is still unfolding with many offerings to come. And Thanks for visiting!


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