Owl Girl Art is not a traditional business with set offerings or classes. Here is what I know. We will be exploring the world of creative soul and allowing offerings to arise as they come together and ask to be offered. I imagine collaborative guided creative workshops and art process classes with somatic components will readily appear within this creative endeavor. See our upcoming classes/workshops here. And, I am open to hearing your desires. So if you have an inspiration that wants to be shared with me of how I can support you in embodying your inner artist, please let me know. This is how creativity manifests…and I am committed to a intuitively creative and symbolic life.

I also know that I will be exploring and growing into a deeply personal project/vision processing grief and loss into love and beauty through painting and story. My hope is to share this unfolding as I can within this blog and perhaps more deeply with those called to step into this vision with me. This vision is my Offering to the world…

Gratitude and Blessings to all beings, may creativity seep into everything you touch,


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