Fall Offerings and the Goddess of Creativity.

Its been an interesting Summer with lots of unexpected twists and turns. You’d think I’d be used to them by now but alas, I always think that somehow, this time, life will move along as I expect it to! I am currently adding some of my latest works to the gallery so check them out here!

A quick update: Three months ago I was offered a job with a like-minded company working with autistic individuals within my local community. Mystery seemed to be offering this to me as a means to support my family, my school loans and my community in an unexpected but not unaligned way, so I said yes. This past quarter has been a whirlwind of new learning for me and has challenged me to show up in ways I never anticipated. I could go on and on about the learning that is coming through this undertaking but what matters here for Owl Girl Art is it has become clear I need to carve out more time to be in the studio to stay in balance.

Also, there is much to be overwhelmed by in these trying times given the state of our world right now and the outcry of Mother Nature, which only strengthens my need to ground myself through creativity. It is my way to find strength and voice through the howling winds of these times. The best way for me to be accountable to the Goddess of Creativity is through sharing creative space with other light filled souls, so I am offering two Fall liminal collage days on September 30th and November 11th!.

See the attached flyers, and let me know if you have any questions or ?

Love and resilience,


Flyer September 30th, 2017Flyer November 11th, 2017

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